Benefits of owning a premium domain

Having a website or a blog is one of the ingenious strategies that a business will make your business to thrive. Research has shown that the businesses that register their presence online have higher chances of succeeding compared to the fully analog businesses. However, not every website will help you achieve your business objectives. The domain you choose will determine the impact, the ‘seo-ability’ and the trust that people will have on your brand.

By reading this article, you’ll get to understand why a premium domain is a ‘must’ if you want your business to prosper.

Instant “Brand Recognition”

Your target as a business owner is to ensure that you have as many people buying your offerings as possible. That means you need to be visible online so that the millions of online users can see your brand. A premium domain is memorable and easy to spell and these are the elements that are key to branding. A site visitor should not find it difficult to locate your business, it should be clear. In essence, it is the domain that makes the value proposition and therefore if you choose a premium one, then you can be sure of attracting millions of followers. This saves your company from the cost of advertising and the time taken in branding aimed at shaping the people’s perception around your offerings.

Brand authority and trust

There is a sense of authority and trust that comes with premium brands. Users will feel safer with businesses that have premium domains because they are clear and memorable. A domain name presents your business as of much value to the customer and they know you are a serious brand. Who doesn’t want to deal with a brand of high value? The trust and authority of the brand will directly influence users’ purchase decisions and therefore a high conversion rate. With traditional marketing, the domain sends a strong message of how serious the company is. Thus, it is clear here that if you want to win the trust of the masses and become an authority in the industry, you must get a premium domain.

Enhances SEO

SEO is a way in which you optimize your site so that you rank highly in the main search engines like Google. With premium domains, your site’s trust and authoritativeness are enhanced and this would lead to high outreach open rates. Premium domain is also based on money keywords that form the brand name and therefore you can get more and better links.

Direct traffic

With most sites, you have to keep typing many names and in different forms to locate it. With a premium domain name, your followers just need to type the name and it directs them to your site. Research shows that the attention span of over 80% of online users is very low and therefore have no patience with a site where you have to take more than ten seconds without getting the intended information. Thus with this clear and simple premium domain, you will receive a high flow of traffic to your site and therefore the conversion rate will definitely be high. Getting a premium domain is quite tasking and therefore you need a reliable Domain Buying Services company to get the best for you without a hassle. You have spent some good amount of money and time to develop a site and therefore you must ensure that the site is a favorite for the search engines and the online users. To realize this, you need to invest in a premium domain.

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