Expert Witness Testimony Is Often the Difference Between Winning and Losing in Litigation

Lawyers today are figuring out that when they try complex financial cases, one of the biggest challenges is convincing the jury to make a decision on a topic that can fly right over the jury’s head. After all, what jury member has a full understanding of what happens in finance, banking or any other complex topic? In truth, very few members of the jury will have ever dealt with complex transactions before. This means that lawyers have to find the right tools to both educate and persuade those jurors. The good news for lawyers is that a financial expert witness can do the trick.

Expert witness testimony serves two primary functions. The first of those functions is tied up in the ability of these witnesses to educate jurors on issues that may elude them. It has been said that a person does not really understand a topic until they can explain it to a layman in simple terms. This is what experts do when they get on the witness stand. They explain things in a calm, simple manner so that jury members can see it for what it is. Those members often appreciate this, especially if they have been involved in a case where lots of legal and financial jargon has been thrown their way.

Experts aren’t all about explaining things, though. They also serve the critical function of persuading jurors to take one side or another. The goal in litigation is to win over a jury, but juries sometimes don’t trust lawyers. After all, the lawyer is always advocating for his client, so how can he be trusted? When the expert witness gets on the stand, though, he is perceived as being a neutral party to it all. He is perceived as not having a vested interest in the outcome, even if he has been hired by one side. This is a great advantage for those who can get good experts. Often times, litigation is described as a battle of experts. The legal team that enlists the best person will come out ahead.

Expert witnesses for financial cases are worth the investment. While they may seem like an extra or a luxury to some litigants, they can provide great return on investment when a side wins a case. This is one of the great truths that many lawyers are discovering today.

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