Getting the Most Out of a Shoulder Holster for Conceal Carry

Shoulder holsters tend to make a great place to conceal a weapon, but there are a few specifics to keep in mind before making a purchase. Below are some important points to ponder when considering a shoulder holster for your conceal carry weapon.

Take the Time to Find a Comfortable Fit

If you have never worn a shoulder holster, take all the time you need to find one that offers the most comfortable fit possible. The position of the holster will take some getting used to, but you can stash a fairly large caliber gun in this position. It is a much better spot for concealing than the pocket.

Practice, Practice and Practice More

Pulling a gun from a shoulder holster takes some time and practice to master. The need to go up and under the arm can seem awkward to anyone that has never done this on a regular basis. Practice in areas where there are no people around to get the hang of it. You might feel self-conscious and make mistakes if there is a group of people watching your first attempts.

Be Realistic With the Weather

It defeats the purpose of being concealed if the weather is hot and you have no way to hide the weapon from full view in a shoulder holster. Find a light weight jacket that will work on all but the hottest of days.

Weak Hand Draw Versus Strong Hand

Pulling the gun from a shoulder holster with your strong hand could be a set-up for disaster with people positioned near that side. The gun can be accidentally discharged. Take care this does not happen. Using the weaker hand will produce a very awkward draw until enough practice is done.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Keep aware of your surroundings and if people are on the same side as the gun. You do not want an accidental discharge on drawing the gun to strike an innocent bystander. You should get used to carrying a concealed gun in your shoulder holster quickly if enough time is given for practice.

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