Transferring Post Office Obligations to a Professional Third-Party

Your mail may not stop coming to your home or office just because you are out of town. Even if you have your mail stopped at the post office, it will pile up until you can come home and pick it up at your local mail depot.

Rather than come home to piles of mail and packages, you can have them delivered to a third-party recipient that can act on your behalf.  With mail delivery, package forwarding, and services for document notary NYC business professionals like you can travel out of town and know that your mail is being dealt with in the manner you prefer.

Delivery and Forwarding of Letters and Packages

The post office may deliver a host of personal and business letters and packages to your home and office each day.  All of them may be time sensitive and need to be handled promptly.

When you are out of town, however, you may not be able to act on them in a timely manner.  You could risk losing business or harming your finances because of your absence.

Rather than take such a risk, you can have the letters and packages routed to a third-party recipient who can sign for and accept them on your behalf.  Depending on your instructions, this business can then hold them for you until you get back or forward them to another location for prompt attention.

You can have them sent to you wherever you are in the country or across the globe.  The business can send them to your hotel or international workplace so that you can handle them in person.

Otherwise, you could have the business collect the letters and packages for you and hang onto them until you return.  This option may be best if you will only be gone for a short while.

If any of the mail needs to be notarized, the business can forward it to you so you can sign it accordingly.  You may then send it back to be notarized and sent to the intended recipient.  Even if you are in town, however, you can still use this business as a place to get all of your paperwork notarized.

You cannot afford to stop traveling for business.  You can handle your postal obligations by having them routed to a third-party that can accept or forward them for you.

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